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Service Commitiment

Financial Planning Services

Financial planning will typically involve providing you with a variety of services regarding the management of your financial resources based upon an analysis of your individual needs. These services can range from a full, broad-based financial plan to consultative or single subject planning. If you retain our fim for financial planning services, we will meet with you to gather information about your financial circumstances and objectives.

After helping to identify your investment objectives, rate of return requirements, and risk tolerance, we may develop a portfolio strategy for you. If you wish, you may implement our portfolio recommendations by utilizing our institutional asset management and manager selction services. We will, at your request, assist you in establishing an investment account with these service providers. We will continue to consult with you on a regular basis to advise you on issues such as account performance, and suitability of the investment strategy in meeting your independent goals and objectives.

If you purchase a full, broad-based financial plan, you will receive a written report, providing you with a detailed financial plan designed to help achieve your stated financial goals and objectives.

In general, the financial plan will address any or all of the following:

  • Retirement and financial planning independence
  • Estate planning
  • Risk analysis for life, disability and long term care
  • Cash flow and debt management
  • Investment planning

When preparing the plan we gather required information through in-depth personal interviews. Information gathered includes your financial status, future goals and attitudes toward risk among others. Related documents supplied by you are carefully reviewed, including a questionaire competed by you, and a written report is prepared. We are under no obligation to verifty the information supplied by you or your other professionals. We will rely solely on the information provided by you when preparing the written plan.

Should you choose to implement our recommendations contained in the plan, we suggest that you work closely with your attorney, acountant, insurance agent and/or stock broker. Implemention of financial plan recommendations is entirely at your discretion. You are not obligated to implement the plans through us. If you elect to have us implement the plan any compensation received from the implementation of financial planning recommendations is seperate and distinct from our financial planning fee. You are free to use any broker/dealer of your choice, further if you do not wish to implement the plan you are under no obligation to do so.

Financial Planning recommendations are not limited to any specific product or service offered by a broker-dealer or insurance company. All recommendations are of generic nature and are not product specific.

Financial plans are based on your financial situation at the time we prepare the plan, and on the financial information you provide to us. You are advised that certain assumptions may be made with respect to interest and inflation rates and use of past trends and performance of the market and economy. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. We cannot offer any guarantees or promises that your financial goals and objectives will be met. You must promptly notify our firm if your financial situation, goals, objectives or needs change.

You are under no obligation to act on our financial planning recommendations. Should you choose to act on any of our recommendations, you are not obligated to implement them through any of our other investment investment advisory services. Moreover, you may act on our recommendation by placing securities transactions with any brokerage firm you choose.

Selection of Other Advisers

As part of our investment advisory services, we may recommend that you use the services of a third party money manager ("MM") to manage all, or a portion of, your investment portfolio. After gathering information about your financial situation and objectives, we will we recommend that you engage a specific MM or investment program. Factors that we take into consideration when making our recommendation(s) include, but are not limited to, the following: the MM's performance, methods of analysis, fees, your financial needs, investment goals, risk tolerance and investment objectives. We will periodically monitor the MM(s)' performance to ensure its management and investment style remains aligned with your investment goals and objectives.

The Asset Management Programs we use are listed below with the outline of how they are designed. We primarily use John Hancock Investments and SEI Investments Company ("SEI"). We participate in all Asset Management Programs solely on a non-discretionary basis.