About - Achieving complete perspective together

The vision of Periope is achieved by sharing and valuing each person’s perspective and then working as one to meet their goals.


Our Values

  1. Competence: Possession of a required skill or capacity. We are constantly improving our firm through continuing education, gaining knowledge, and utilizing those skills to improve our client’s experience.

  2. Accountable: The state of being answerable. We seek to understand our clients’ expectations of us and hold ourselves accountable when we commit to them.

  3. Independent: Not influenced by the thought or action of others. Our advice and counsel is independent and objective and is based upon what is in our clients’ best interest.

  4. Trustworthy: Deserving of trust or confidence. We want to be the last financial advisor our clients hire because of our relationship with them and their trust and confidence in us.

  5. Golden Rule: A philosophy and guiding principle.

We treat our clients the same way we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Our Mission Statement

We are an independent investment advisory firm that creates a unique experience for our clients by helping them achieve complete perspective and ultimately Financial Wellness.


Individuals & Families

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Companies & Organizations

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